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  • Ria Vanessa Caliste

    Ria Vanessa Caliste

    Engaging on a life long path of self discovery. Counselor, Writer for life. Connect with me at: axiomcounsel@gmail.com or www.axiomcounsel.com

  • JulieC.Lara


    Went through HELL to become who I am today! Fuck everyone who made me second guess My Worth, because Damn It I am Enough!

  • Ioana Andrei

    Ioana Andrei

    I write to figure stuff out | ioana.a.writes@gmail.com

  • mari


    Artist, illustrator, graphic designer

  • Libby Winkler

    Libby Winkler

    Writing to share observations from a quiet soul to a loud world. Lover of life, avid traveler, dedicated to learning everywhere I go and sharing my life.

  • Beth Bruno

    Beth Bruno

    Human learning to be human. Writing in hopes of getting there.

  • Leanne Johnson

    Leanne Johnson

    Usually found with a pen and paper or rolling dice with friends. Messy, creative, and a little chaotic.

  • Damibe


    Human. She/hers.

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